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Providers are available in Prince George and Montgomery Counties as well as Washington, D.C.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Personalized care using leading-edge medical treatments and preventative care.

Washington, D.C. Major Hospital Systems

Access to the latest medical technologies and treatments.

Quality Care. Close to Home.

Quality Care. Close to Home.

Philosophy of Care

At DC Qual-Care, we hold our providers to the highest standards. It’s important to us that our primary care doctors provide each patient with the latest preventive care and treatments available, resulting in better outcomes. That’s why we have a strict set of requirements that must be met by all of our network physicians.

Prevention + Medicine

Regular checkups include age-appropriate screenings. Catching diseases early can save lives – including yours.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Our network of primary care physicians work together to provide treatment plans that strive to improve the outcomes for our patients.


We’re in most large cities in the Washington D.C metro area, so that health care is convenient for you.

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